COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

In an effort to fight the virus, it is important to get the Massachusetts community vaccinated as soon as possible. We are joining the fight against COVID-19 by offering the Moderna vaccine with coordination through the CDC and Department of Public Health. We are a licensed medical clinic with the DPH. 


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Due to the storm in the Midwest, all vaccine shipments have been delayed. Our clinic scheduled on 2/20 HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED to 2/27. If you had an appointment on 2/20, your appointment will be at the same time on 2/27.

We currently do not have any available appointments. If you qualify in the current phasing, please add your name to our waitlist and we will contact you when there is an opening. If you have any questions, please leave a voicemail at 781-422-1509 and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible. 


Before Scheduling an Appointment:

  • Please Read: It is important you review this full page so you are fully informed about the COVID-19 vaccine and our clinic protocol.

  • Do NOT Book: Unless you qualify for the current Massachusetts vaccination phasing. You will be required to attest your eligibility at your appointment.   View Phase Information

  • When Booking: The Moderna vaccine requires two doses scheduled 4 weeks apart. You must schedule both appointments for your first and second vaccine. We have dedicated clinics for each dose so please be sure you have two appointments booked and are choosing the corresponding date.

  • Cost: Free of charge

Frequently asked questions:



1. Who is eligible? It depends on what phase we are in. Phase information is available on View Phase Information

2. How can I book an appointment? Once we are ready to run clinics, appointments will be bookable online only from this page. Please DO NOT call the spa to book an appointment​.



How can I volunteer? This is 100% pro bono so we appreciate any volunteers that can help. We are looking for medical professionals and individuals that can provide general support.


3. What is the cost? There is no cost. This is a free service being provided by Skin Esteem Med Spa in collaboration with CDC/DPH and an amazing team of volunteers to help support our community.

4. What vaccine will be offered? To start, we will be offering the Moderna vaccine. This may change over time as different vaccines become available. Read more about Moderna from the CDC.

5. What to expect? Appointments will be 15 minutes. Our goal is to get as many people vaccinated as possible. We may be running behind as we perfect the process but ask you are prompt for your appointment. You will be checked in, receive your vaccination, check out (facts reviewed). Everyone will be monitored for 15 minutes to ensure no allergic reaction and will be expected to wait in their car during this time. 

6. Disabled or elderly who have difficulty booking online: We are trying to coordinate an easier approach. Stay tuned. We will have extra staff to attend to individuals at your appointment. Our facility is handicapped accessible. 

7. More questions? Please visit to see a full list of frequently asked questions.


Please follow these booking instructions:

Please Note:  If you answer yes to any of the pre screening questions, you are not a candidate for the COVID-19 vaccination and should consult with your primary care physician. Please DO NOT book an appointment.

  • You must schedule your first and second dose appointments when booking. They must be 4 weeks apart so it is important you choose the correct corresponding date when booking your appointment. Dates listed below.

  • You must fill out this attestation form with the State of Massachusetts to demonstrate you are eligible for the vaccine. COVID-19 vaccine supply is limited, and is subject to prioritized phases as recommended by the Massachusetts COVID-19 Advisory Group. 

First Dose Clinic Date(s):

Second Dose Clinic Date(s):

Saturday 2/6/21

Saturday 3/6/21

Sunday 2/7/21

Saturday 3/6/21

Saturday 2/13/21

Saturday 3/13/21

Saturday 2/27/21

Saturday 3/27/21

Sunday 2/28/21

Sunday 3/28/21


 Now accepting Now accepting appointments for individuals age 65+, individuals with 2+ certain medical conditions, and/or residents and staff of low income and affordable senior housing.


  • We currently do not have any available appointments. If you qualify in the current phase, please join our waitlist so we can contact you when there are openings.

  • If you already had COVID-19, you must wait 90 days before being eligible for a vaccination.

  • We are unable to accommodate companion bookings. DO NOT BOOK if you are a companion

  • If booking appointments for multiple people, a unique email address is required for each individual.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon

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