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Meet Kristina from Skin Esteem Med Spa!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

In any business, the key component that really makes it special is the people around you. I wholeheartedly believe that teamwork makes the dream work! I'm truly blessed to have an amazing team and without them, it wouldn't be possible to achieve what's in place today at Skin Esteem Med Spa.

Thank you team!

In this picture, I'm standing with Kristina Borrelli! I'm super excited to dedicate this blog to Kristina so you have the opportunity to get know her better and learn about the amazing team we have at Skin Esteem Med Spa.

One more piece of exciting news... I'll be using my blog as a platform so you have the chance to hear from other medical experts! I feel it's really important to share with my clients and blog readers a broad range of perspectives so I hope you find these guest posts helpful. Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Meet Kristina Borrelli PA-C!

Hi all! Thanks for being here and taking the time to read about me! Maybe you’re interested in becoming a PA or a career in aesthetic medicine? Maybe you’re a potential client, curious about my education and experience? Or maybe you’re wondering how thin my lips and eyebrows really were before I was introduced to this world of aesthetics? Whatever the reason- thanks for reading!

This might seem like a far way to go back, but I do want to go there, just for a minute. Sixth grade. I talked a lot. I loved to socialize. I loved knowing people. And this naturally got in the way of my schoolwork. My teachers told my parents they were worried about me. They called me disruptive. They called me loud. They called me bossy. And said that all these things were bound to negatively impact my success. Well… I’ll let you know here, early in this blog post, that they were very, very wrong.

In 2010 I graduated cum laude from Emmanuel College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. From there, I dabbled in a couple possible careers. One in finance. One in recruiting. I didn’t like either of them. As time progressed and I hated my job more and more, the more I thought about going back to school for something else. Something medical. But I also loved makeup and beauty and hair. I looked at everything from cosmetology school to medical school. During one of my internet searches I came across aesthetic medicine. But how can I do this in the capacity I wanted to? Circle back to my medical career searches and with a little help from my aunt, I landed on physician assistant.

This was it. I would be able to perfectly combine medicine and aesthetics. A couple things stood in my way- I had zero medical experience. I had zero shadowing hours. I had to retake a couple classes. And doing this would definitely keep me from moving out of my parent’s house. A bit of soul searching later, and I decided to go for it. I attended a four-month course to get my EMT-B license to obtain my 2,000 patient care hours for PA school. During this time, I worked as a waitress at a Mexican restaurant in Plymouth. I met my husband there. Good thing I decided to go back to school!

After getting my EMT-B, I started work as an EMT for Professional Ambulance in Cambridge. I also chipped away at shadowing hours and retook a couple key classes. 2 years and the blink of an eye later I was applying to PA schools. My dream school was Northeastern University- a top rated PA program located in Boston. I’ll never forget the day I received that acceptance letter from NU. MY DREAM! I was on my way to the rest of my life.

During my second year of PA school, my elective rotation was in dermatology at a clinic in Boston. I was obsessed. I loved skin health. The largest organ of the body and you can actually see it! How could this not be important, from both a general health and aesthetic perspective? I was certain I’d get back to it eventually.

In 2016 I graduated PA school, passed the PANCE and started my first job in the Emergency Department at Massachusetts General Hospital. From there I went to the Emergency Department at South Shore Hospital, where I still am now. But aesthetics!? Here it comes.

I met Dawn about 4 years ago. I was recently engaged and wanted my lips done for my wedding. I was so excited to finally give some volume to these teensy tiny lips! To say Dawn and I hit it off is an understatement. I started to shadow her. Shadowing progressed to hands on training, which turned into an amazing job opportunity and, above that, friendship. I have learned and trained in every format: books/medical journals, in person training, online seminars, conferences, including IMCAS in Paris- an international master course on aging science. There are endless opportunities for education, and I take advantage of all that I can.

I’m 32 now. I have been practicing medicine for 4 years and working at Skin Esteem for over 2. Being boisterous, social, lively and strong have actually served me quite well. I have chosen a career that allows me to know people- to serve them and give back. I also get to talk a lot, which is very, very good for me. Whether at the hospital or at Skin Esteem, my purpose is to care for and help you. I am so lucky that so many of you have given me the opportunity to do just that.

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