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These are Tristan cacti. He loves cacti! We can’t have any live plants/flowers in the house so I’m going to bring them to the spa so I can take care of them! We are preparing to bring him home in 1.5 weeks after he has completed induction cycle of chemo. He cant walk and requires a ton of care. He will have 6 weeks of chemo at home with clinic (in Boston) a few times a week. We will have a visiting nurse. We are working on getting a wheelchair, walker, commode etc to get him home. Then he goes back to hospital for work up and bone marrow transplant. We are eagerly waiting and PRAYING that one of us is a match 🙏🙏 My sister came up to visit from CT which was helpful for my mental health! Matt is at the hospital while I’m working & getting everything ready to bring Tristan home. I met with Julie (her son Remy survived B-ALL) and Jamie (who survived Non-Hodgins lymphoma) tonight. These inspirational women are giving me emotional support along with helping us in many ways. It is beautiful to see people pull together to help us fight this battle.

GOD BLESS & thank you for all your support ♥️🙏

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