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UPDATE: So today we put a name to Tristan's leukemia: Apparently it is one of the rarest forms 🙈. B Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia known as BALL. We are waiting to determine subtype….BALL with Philadelphia Chromosome (3%) vs BALL with CML with Blast crisis (which is even more rare, 1% population).


He is starting Chemotherapy Induction tonight. This phase will last 4 weeks. He will need a lumbar puncture in 2 weeks, a repeat LP & bone marrow biopsy in 4 weeks to check for remission. (He would have needed many more procedures if he had more blasts in his CSF, so I’ll take it). I’ve gotten a crash course in leukemia & chemotherapy over the last few days.


We should get more information on subtype in next day or so. Based on subtype his plan will be radically different after 4 weeks. I can only pray he has minimal side effects and that he has the less invasive sub type. Over the next month he will become neutropenic meaning high risk for infection especially from his own bodies bacteria.


This will be a long haul but we are praying for full recovery and that he remains in good spirits with minimal side effects.


My head is spinning but I know we are in the right place and he is getting the best care in the world. I cannot speak highly enough of his nurses, nurses aides and medical team.


Once again, thank you for your ongoing support! I appreciate all your thoughts, prayers, comments & calls. Even if I can’t respond I REALLY appreciate it.

Dawn & Matt

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