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Took a nice business trip to Cabo which was a wonderful recharge. I took a million wonderful photos and it was nice to see that orange ball called the sun. Thank God Tristan stayed well throughout.

One of my friends & ltdfoundation collaborated with Queensryche & Judas Priest (Sone of my fav teen year bands) to get Tristan, Aidan & Matt the VIP experience at Fenway while I was away! They treated my family like royalty!!! They got backstage/frint stage/sound stage tour. They gave us all signed merch. T got to help with sounds & lights. They got to play the guitars/drums. They got to pose on the famous Judas priest motorcycle! Both bands spent time talking with our boys about what we are going through. These are amazing people and truly ROCKSTARS. I will keep posting amazing & vids frim that night. Queensryche even dedicated a song to Tristan (it's on my sm).


Unfortunately we just got news that there's a "suspicious lesion" his liver which was an incidental finding after 4 MRIs from his spinal hematoma. Matt Has to drive him all the way to Childrens for a Covid test....then Wednesday Tristan will undergo a liver biopsy. We are praying this is benign and that there are no complications. If things go well he will be admitted 11/3 for a PICC line placement....then the games begin... total body irradiation....chemo .... then BMT. If the lesion is concerning.....all plans will change. Here's to living EACH & EVERY day to the fullest and we are praying for positive outcomes.

Thank You all so much for your love & support. We can really really really REALLY use some good news 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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