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Tristan coming home

We are busy getting ready to bring Tristan home hopefully this Friday . He will receive another cycle of chemo by myself, visting nurses, myself & clinic visits twice weekly.  It’s a bit overwhelming navigating all the things we need to do to ensure we have him cared for safely at home….but we will get it done. 


We are still waiting to hear about the bone marrow match. He just got his head shaved today. Please consider being a marrow donor by contacting bethematch. It may not help Tristan now but it will save another child's life!!!! Tristan is eagerly waiting to come back home to Duxbury!!!


We would love for kids to make a banner welcoming home for this Friday… maybe some balloons? Chalk words in driveway??

👇 Needs: a wheelchair, wheelchair temporary ramp if anyone has one. A walker with a seat. 


We have him home for 6 weeks before he goes back for 2 plus month hospital stay for radiation, more chemo and hopefully 🤞🙏🤞a curative bone marrow transplant!!

We can take him out and about as his endurance allows before his transplant so we want to make these 6 weeks INCREDIBLE!!!! 

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1 Comment

Edith Barnes
Edith Barnes
Aug 24, 2022

Hopefully we can get the boys together while he’s home, even if it’s just an outside “sit around the fire pit” kind of thing. William has been seriously missing his friend.

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