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UPDATE: So our son Tristan was diagnosed with acute leukemia at a routine physical based on abnormal labs yesterday. Only symptom was fatigue. This was a week after his birthday. We had plans to fly to Nashville today as a family to celebrate birthdays after I attended @revance train the trainers.


Plans changed and here we are at Children’s surrounded by an amazing Oncology team. We are staying strong with the support from all our friends, colleagues & clients. THANK YOU for all the calls & messages. I cannot respond to all but I TRULY appreciate it!!!


Next step: Right now he is getting around the clock fluids to flush everything. Labs every 8 h. He is in good spirits & milking us for gifts! Tomorrow is a big day. He will get a bone marrow biopsy, lumbar puncture and central line. From there they can select best chemotherapy and we will know if we are dealing with ALL,AML or CML.


Your prayers and thoughts mean everything to us!!!

Our amazing staff will continue to run our practice in our HIGH STANDARD fashion. We are a family practice and your continued patronage is highly valued!

Our staff will keep up some amazing posts and I will keep everyone up to date!



XXXX OOOO Dawn & Matt

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