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UPDATE: Today Tristan underwent a bone marrow biopsy, lumbar puncture with intrathecal chemotherapy and placement of a picc IV line. He was brave & handled it well though he was tired and grumpy towards me. While he was under general anesthesia was the first time I could cry…because I’ve been by his side since this started. I didn’t want him to see me upset. A nap, some time and we are back in good spirits.


We found out he only has a small amount of leukemia cells in his CSF which I will take as positive news. His pain from the bone marrow biopsy is controlled with Tylenol. He got a massage today! Children's Hospital is absolutely AMAZING. We don’t expect to get a final diagnosis for a few days.

He will be getting continuous IV fluids to keep his uric acid low. He needs labs 2-3 x a day to check for complications including infection, tumor lysis syndrome and electrolyte abnormalities. Thank God he is doing great so far! He can’t get flowers, or go outside do to risk of infection. We are trying to keep his spirits high. He is grateful for all the kind words and gifts.


I took a walk to target while Matt was with him to get some supplies. It felt good to do a normal activity.

Thank You again to everyone for reaching out! I can’t respond to all but your messages are helping tremendously!!!

Here’s to keeping positive vibes!!!!

Love ya!


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